Kieran Leborgne: one of the best and most talented hydrofoil riders in the world.
Extremely talented in competition, as well as freestyling or wave riding with a hydrofoil!

Kieran just ranked 9th at the Foil world cup this year (IFKO and IKA World Tour): France, China, Sylt, Mauricius, San Francisco, and soon Australia. This is an amazing performance. Kieran is a student who passed his exams this year and studying engineering. Kieran finishes way way ahead of many famous proriders. Just check this :

Among his best results: ranked 2nd Junior at the Villeneuve les Maguelone IFKO World Cup event. Currently ranking at the 14th position in the world tour (, just behind Alex Caizergues, and way ahead of pros who kite all year long and have considerable means. Kieran is still a student in engineering and passed his high school exams last June!

Kieran Leborgne à quiberonKieran Leborgne sautant en foil