Barre FreeStyle Wave 2022

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La barra universal 2022

Es ideal para  freestyle, Hydrofoil, navegación en olas, en 4 ou 5 lineas :

- Nuevo sistema de suelta rapida AKA 3 Con rodamientos en acero inoxidable
- Barra muy ligera
- Nuevo diseño
- Lineas alta gamaen dyneema SK 99 sin elasticidad : El kite reacciona reacciona al instante, y el pilotaje de la cometa es inmediato

Perfecta para cometas hinchables o tipo parapenete

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  • 42 cm
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  • Si
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  • 12 m
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  • 300 kg race
  • 495 kg



Thanks Julien and Kelly for this cool video! Old school tricks: board off, one foot, Jesus style, nice rotations... Julien Fernandez is the boss of  Martinique Kite School.

If you are a hardcore rider and/or if you need one bar per kite, as it is often the case with foil kites, this bar is for you! You can roll the bar with your kite.

This universal bar comes with the AKA 3 chicken loop/quick releaser, which untwists your lines pretty much by itself, and high quality SK 99 real dyneema lines. These lines won't stretch. What you get is an incredible feeling with your kite. Direct steering.

The FreeStyle Wave Bar is designed just like the 2021 Totem Vario. The only difference are the bar ends. You cannot change the width between the steering lines, but the bar ends are really ergonomic and confortable for loops. The foam bar ends are totally new: more flotation, more rooms to wind the lines, stiffer floaters...

You can turn your 4-line bar very quickly into a 5-line bar or vice versa.

This bar is "ready to ride" with a vast majority of kites. This bar is also compatible with very old kites. You can still use the bar as it is, or finetune the length of the leader lines to optimize the wind range of the bar.

For instance, the universal freestyle wave bar works for brands such as Advance, Airush, Best, Blade, B3, Bullkite, Cabrinha, Caution, Conceptair, Core, CrazyFly, DuoTone, Eclipse, Eleveight, Elf, Epic, F-One, Fluid, Flymaax, Flysurfer, Gaastra, Genetrix, Gin, Gong, Griffin, Harlem, HB, HQ, Hyde, Kitech, Liquid Force, Naish, North, Ocean Rodeo, Ozone, Pansh, Peter Lynn, Powerkite, ReedIn, RRD, Slingshot, Sroka, Starkite, Storm, Supair, SwitchKite, Takoon, Zeeko... 4 or 5 lines...

THE FREESTYLE WAVE BAR: Ideal for wave riding, hydrofoiling or freestyling

Available in 6 different sizes: 42 cm, 47 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm et 65 cm

These sizes correspond to the width between the steering lines, not the total size of the bar. Warning: colors depend on sizes!

42 cm FreeStyle Wave Bar

Color: Red/Blue

This is the ideal bar for kids, teenagers, or those who kite in very strong winds (such as the Tramontane, ...). Thanks to a short bar, you avoid oversteering in very strong winds with a small kite.

This bar is perfectly suited for very small kites: 2.5 m2 to 6 or even 7 m2. This is typically the ideal bar for a 5 m2 kite.

If you are a wakestyler, you are looking for a shorter bar than usual for low kite stricks. This is it.

Children will love this control bar: no over steering. The AKA 3 is shorter than most QR on the market and you can lower the clamcleat so the kid can grab the trim very easily. A 7 year old kid will be very happy!

47 cm FreeStyle Wave Bar

Color: Yellow/Blue

Typically the most popular bar for freestyling. Great for kites between 7 and 9 m2. Can be used also for 5 m2 up to 10m2, or even 12 m2.

This is also a great junior/teenager control bar.

50 cm FreeStyle Wave Bar

Color: Red/Blue

This is the most versatile bar. Many kite schools use it. Ideal for 8m2 up to 12m2 kites.

52 cm FreeStyle Wave Bar

Color: Yellow/Blue

A very popular size. Great for wave riding. Perfect for 9 to 12m2. Can be used also with smaller kites (7 m2).

55 cm FreeStyle Wave Bar

Color: Red/blue

Ideal for kites from 11 m2 to 14 m2

60 cm FreeStyle Wave Bar

Color: Red/Blue

You want to fly a 15 or 16 m2 inflatable kite? This is the bar you need. Your kite will be more responsive.

65 cm FreeStyle Wave Bar

Color: Yellow/Blue

You kite with a very big kite: 17 or 18m? And more particular a foil kite? This is the bar you want. A wide bar will help you turn it faster. Especially if you are using 20 m, 22 m lines or even longer lines.


This new version of the AKA Chicken Loop series meets the Afnor NF S 52-503 regulation and the latest ISO 21853 safety standard.

Very easy to release big loads: about 4 kg of strength required to release 250 kg of load, while the Afnor standard requires up to 10 kg to release a load of 200 kg.

Very quick to reload.

This is the shortest chicken loop on the market. On average 5 to 10 cm shorter than most QRs. Perfect for hydrofoiling, wave riding and kids!

The central hole is the widest on the market. As a result the safety line can slide very easily and the front line connected to the safety line can be coated. So it will last longer. The swivel relies upon a stainless steel ball bearing. Much better than a ceramic ball bearing (which can brake with the sand). You can untwist your lines with your fingertips... and the ball bearing may also do it automatically.

Available in 4 sizes:
XS: no donkey dick, for rope harnesses. The shortest one
S : perfect for wave riding, hydrofoiling and young people
M : the standard size, you can unhook
L : the longest, for advanced freestylers

Patented QR.


Dyneema SK 99 is the latest innovation for kite lines. There is almost no stretching at all. Then your kite reacts immediately. No latency. You won't feel any elasticity in the lines.
You will re-discover your kite! You may be surprised to like the universal bar better than the original bar!

The loop ends come with a knot, so you can connect the lines to any kite brand. For instance, you can use the same bar with a Cabrinha kite and a Duotone kite, while the loops and knots are inverted between these two brands.


If you are using inflatable kites:

19 m2 is good for very very strong winds (40 knots...), although we really don't recommend that you kite in these kinds of conditions...
Good for children too.

21/22 meters is very versatile: wave riding, hydrofoiling, or strong winds

23/24 meters is recommended in these cases:
- freestyling in mild to medium winds
- heavy rider: better to relaunch your kite in mild winds
- mild winds and/or tropical areas (warm wind is not as powerful as cold wind)

If you are using foil kites:

Racers now use big kites with very short lines (12m, 13m).

For leisure and freeriding, we recommend at least 17 meters minimum. To be more versatile and use the same bar with with inflatable kites too, go for 21/22 meters.

For snowkiting people tend to use 24 meters very often.

Not sure about the length of your lines? Take 21/22 meters and kite line extensions for mild winds (4 m2 or 7 m2 for instance). If you want to hydrofoil with a 10 m2 kite while the wind blows less than 10 knots, add 5 m2 or even 7 m2 extension. You will be the happiest person in the world.


You need specific lengths? Yes we can do it. Choose the "Other" option and add as a comment when placing your order which length you want. Your order may take a few more days to be processed.

LOW V (4 direct lines) OR HIGHER SPLIT POINT?

For the past 2 years, most brands decided to go for a low V. It means that the power lines start right after the trim, and there is no front leader line.
This brings many benefits:
- you can land your kite by yourself in mild winds (grab on the front lines as your kite is close to the ground)
- if you make kite loops, downloops, front loops or back loops, the lines will cross above the leader lines. No interference.
- freestyle pro-riders prefer a low V when unhooked, because of the slack in the lines. The kite does not pull as much as if it has a front leader line.
- kite schools prefer a low V: if a trainee fails and the kite rolls, it is easier to remove loops between the power lines and the steering lines, by putting the bar between the power lines

Other option: the small front leader line

This option is available for historical reasons. This was the only setup available for universal bars. This was a compromise between a low V and a higher split point.

Is there a difference between a low V and a higher split point?
The difference is really minor. You can perfectly use a kite with a low V, while the original setup suggests a high split point. If the split point is high, the curve radius will be a bit shorter than with a low split point and the kite will tend to turn more around its ear. But when you relaunch the kite in the window it will turn a bit faster with a bit less power.

Keep in mind that you will feel a much bigger difference if you change the length of the lines, rather than a high split point or a low V.

Anyway, what you need to know if that if you choose 22 meters as an option on the website:
- you will have 22 meters total (2 meters leader lines and lines) if you choose higher split point
- you will have 21 meters total (1 meter leader lines and lines) if you choose Low V


- "Made in France": designed, sewed, tested and assembled in France
- all spare parts available immediately
- you can take apart a universal bar and/or customize it very easily
- all components are top quality
- depower throw can be adjusted up or down
- secure quick releaser (Afnor, ISO)
- bar made in the same factories as the premium brands
- very wide bar center: the depower rope won't wear


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Barre FreeStyle Wave 2022

Barre FreeStyle Wave 2022

La barra universal 2022

Es ideal para  freestyle, Hydrofoil, navegación en olas, en 4 ou 5 lineas :

- Nuevo sistema de suelta rapida AKA 3 Con rodamientos en acero inoxidable
- Barra muy ligera
- Nuevo diseño
- Lineas alta gamaen dyneema SK 99 sin elasticidad : El kite reacciona reacciona al instante, y el pilotaje de la cometa es inmediato

Perfecta para cometas hinchables o tipo parapenete