School Control Bar 2023

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For sure the best Control Bar suited for Kite Schools!

This 2023 edition comes with a coated depower throw and a new spitter for the power lines.

Professional prices: please contact us.

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290,83 €

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  • 42 cm
  • 50 cm
  • 55 cm
  • 60 cm
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  • 22m
  • 24 m
  • Other
  • 13 m + extensions (IKO)
  • 300 kg race
  • 495 kg
  • Tube PU (polyuréthane)
  • Textile sleeve

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Note: the new splitter will be available end of December 2022. In the meantime, if you want a 2023 bar with PU coated depower throw, you can order it and you will get a pulley and a stop ball instead of the splitter. The splitter will be sent to you later if you want it.

The 2023 School Control Bar is perfectly suited for kite schools. We have been cooperating with kite schools for many years. This bar meets all the requirements of kite schools.

Julien Fernandez and Kelly Bonnet run the Martinique Kite School. They were lucky to test this new version ahead of time. Here is a video shot at La Palmyre (France) and Martinique:

The 2023 School Bar is based on the 2022 Bar:

- high end SK 99 Dyneema lines: very very low stretch, and 495 kg lines. The lines are stretched by the factory and after in our workshop

- highly secure AKA 3 quick releaser: very easy to reload, very compact, very wide center hole (the safety line slides very easily)

- perfect colors for teaching: red and blue

- very comfortable grip

- the low V setup makes it easy to untwist the lines

- the back steering lines can be easily disconnected

Improvements over the 2022 bar:

PU or textile coated depower throw

Which coating should you choose?
The PU coating will last longer. The textile coating is more convenient to fold the lines and is a better choice for very low temperatures (snowkite...): the PU tube can be stiffer in freezing conditions.

A stopper ball below the Clamcleat will protect the Clamcleat in case the bar hits the Clamcleat very strongly.

New Splitter

This new alloy part is super strong. We performed load tests of 700 kg successfully.

Main benefits:
- easy and clean setup for the power lines
- improves the safety when you trigger the quick release

The power line with the thin loop is connected to the safety line. Because it is a thin loop, there is tons of space inside the AKA 3. The safety line can slide both ways inside the AKA 3 very very easily.

A clean setup means less trouble in the water and less chances to get ropes entangled.

Splitter versus classic pulley block and stopper ball:

Classic solution (until 2022) : very durable and reliable solution
The "classic" pulley we have been using until 2022 contains a ball bearing. This makes the trim really pleasant to use, as the rope can slide very well.
The power line connected to the safety line is coated. Will slide well inside the AKA 3, but the thiner loop will slide even better.

Available Sizes

The bar size will affect the turning speed of the kite. It is important to choose the bar size according to the surface of the kite.

  • 42 cm: kites from 3 to 6 m2
  • 50 cm: kites from 7 to 13 m2
  • 55 cm: kites from 12 to 14 m2
  • 60 cm: kites from 15 m2 and more

Line length

We usually sell the School Bars with 23/24 meters, but you can choose other lengths.
You can even choose shorter lines (13 meters) and extensions (IKO).

Universal Bar for all kites

As all other universal bars at Kite Attitude, the School Control Bars will work with all kite brands, such as (non limitative):

Airush, Best, Blade, B3, Bullkite, Cabrinha, Caution, Conceptair, Core, CrazyFly, DuoTone, Eclipse, Eleveight, Elf, Epic, F-One, Fluid, Flymax, Flysurfer, Gaastra, Genetrix, Gin, Gong, Griffin, Harlem, HB, HQ, Hyde, Kitech, Liquid Force, Naish, North, Ocean Rodeo, Ozone, Pansh, Peter Lynn, Powerkite, ReedIn, RRD, Slingshot, Sroka, Starkite, Storm, Supair, SwitchKite, Takoon, Zeeko... 4 or 5 lines...

For instance, many kite schools use the Kite Attitude universal bars with Duotone kites such as the Dice, Evo or Neo, F-One Bandit, Airush Union, Flysurfer Peak or Slingshot Rally or UFO as an example.

All mentionned brands are registered trademarks.


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School Control Bar 2023

School Control Bar 2023

For sure the best Control Bar suited for Kite Schools!

This 2023 edition comes with a coated depower throw and a new spitter for the power lines.

Professional prices: please contact us.