Carbon Ultra Control Bar

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New version 2 : the Carbon Ultra control bar.

Very light and strong.
Tested and designed by Maxime Nocher, multiple world champion.

2 options: single pulley (freeride) or double pulley (racers)

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370,83 €

  • S
  • XS
  • No Chicken Loop
  • 45 cm
  • 52 cm
  • 55 cm
  • 60 cm
  • Yes
  • No
  • 17m
  • 20m
  • Other
  • 300 kg race
  • 495 kg
  • Single pulley
  • Double pulley
  • Coated with knots at the end
  • Thin loops + pigtails

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Introductory offer of Carbon Ultra V2: 445 euros, instead of 579 euros (20% vat included) until March 31th, 2024.

The new Carbon Ultra bars are 30% lighter (!), and still as strong as before. They are now hollow.

The new sticks are also 5 mm thiner. This gives you more finesse and better performance.


if you want a M size AKA chicken loop instead of S or XS, add a comment in your order.

Also, if you want 70 cm depower throw instead of 60 cm (double pulley), just mention it in your order as a comment.

Simple pulley trim comes by default with 50 cm depower throw. If you want 60 cm, just add a comment with your order.

Line lengths: 

most people choose 17 or 20 meters, but we can offer any length:

short lines: 11, 12, 13, 15 meters...

longer lines: 22, 24, 25 meters

Choose Other... in Line length and add a comment about the length you want when you place the order.

The Carbon Ultra control bar will help you improve your performance, whether you are freeriding or racing. The perfect bar to push further the low wind range. Perfect also for strong winds too.

This is the ideal bar for all weather conditions: very light wind, light, medium or strong wind.

Anyone can use the Carbon Ultra control bar, not only racers. If you hydrofoil in super light wind (5 / 6 knots), this bar will help the kite stay in the air. This will increase your safety as the kite will fall less in the water due to very very mild wind.

Thanks to its light weight, you will steer the kite with much more finesse and will feel the kite much better, especially in light wind conditions.

The Carbon Ultra carbon bar is probably the strongest on the market. We paid close attention to the bar center and the bar ends, which are typically potential weak points with other brands. Our goal is to make a carbon bar that will never break, especially if you are far out (which we do not recommend...) or racing.

Currently available in 4 sizes:

  • 45 cm
  • 52 cm
  • 55 cm
  • 60 cm

Other sizes may become available in the future. Send us an email to request other sizes so we have more feedback on sizes that you would need. Then we can decide to open new molds.

Which bar size is best for your kite?

We suggest for instance:

  • 45 cm: 3 to 6 m2
  • 52 cm : 7 to 10 m2
  • 55 cm: 11 to 13 m2
  • 60 cm: 14 m2 and more

If you are using very short lines (such as 12 meter lines), then you can use a shorter bar. For instance, you might be ok with a 17 m2 foil kite and a 55 cm bar with 12 meter lines.

Single pulley or double pulley setup?

Double pulley setup

When trimming the kite, you get more finesse and precision, because the 2 pulleys demultiply the trim. Racers will like it.
The double pulley set up also comes with a longer depower throw (12 cm extra depower), compared to the single pulley setup.

Last, there is a trim extension. This allows you to trim while you are racing, without having to stand back up on the foil to grab the trim handle.

Single pulley setup

This is the classic setup for all inflatable kites.

If you like snowkiting in remote places with a monoskin kite (such as a Flysurfer Peak or Gin Marabout), you may have to walk up the mountain a long way to get where you want. So you will enjoy a very light bar.

If you kite in very mild winds with a struless or mono bladder kite, such as a F-One Breeze, Gong Strutless, Ozone Uno, North or Duotone Mono, you will feel at home with the single pulley setup.

If you kite with a Flysurfer Soul or Sonic, you can use both setups: single or double pulley. You will be comfortable with anyone of these two setups. Same if you are using kites from Aeros, Flymaax Toon or Boon, Gin Shaman, HQ, Kitech, Pansh Aurora, PKD, or Sky Country, etc...

Coated Depower Throw

We chose a textile coated depower throw, which brings many benefits:
- easier to wrap around the bar when you are folding your lines
- more pleasant to use in very cold weather (the PU tube can get stiff in below 0°C temperatures)

A carbon bar center will tend to be more aggressive with the depower rope than a usual stainless steel bar center. So this is why the carbon bars come with a coated depower throw.

By default we will ship the carbon bars with a textile coated depower throw. If you prefer a PU coated depower throw, just mention it as a comment when placing your order. We can do both.

High end SK 99 Dyneema kite lines

If you are a competitor and want best performance in very mild winds, we suggest the race lines (300 kg strength).

Otherwise, 495 kg kite lines will be more appropriate.

We stretch the kite lines in-house. Therefore, you get a greater feeling when steering the kite. The kite reacts instantly and the lines will not give you an impression of chewing gum... as it can be the case with some very expensive bars on the market!

Short lines: loops without sleeves

If you want to use one bar per kite and never take off the lines from the kite, then you might prefer non coated loops at the line ends. If so let us know when placing the order.

Non-Slip Grip

Some carbon bars on the market can be slippery, especially if you dip the bar in the water and the bar is wet. To improve this, the Carbon Ultra control bars come with a non-slip grip.


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Carbon Ultra Control Bar

Carbon Ultra Control Bar

New version 2 : the Carbon Ultra control bar.

Very light and strong.
Tested and designed by Maxime Nocher, multiple world champion.

2 options: single pulley (freeride) or double pulley (racers)